Most ERP systems offer nowadays the possibility to create PDF documents directly from the financial system. Some are even able to automatically send this document per email. Your ERP might also offer this functionality.

Following this however you will need to agree with your business partners upon the desired content, communication channel and delivery address.

Using the solution of Globiq you will be able to send quickly and easily electronic documents in any desired format. Starting with this solution does not require investments in expensive hardware or software. Our pragmatic approach enables you to send out all your electronic documents (i.e. invoices and salesorders) almost instantly.

Your business communications fully electronically, that is our goal.


Globiq receives the data from your (financial) system. Globiq is able to handle the most common formats: PDF, CSV and TXT. We are able to receive data in various ways including: (S)FTP, EDI (X.400), AS2, HTTP(S).


Globiq checks whether the data is received completely. Aside from that several internal check assure the correct processing of the data.

For invoices Globiq validates the number of messages and the total amount of all these messages. On top of that we compare the invoice total amount with the line amounts. This way we ensure that the digital invoice information is complete and correct.


You decide:

  • Based on your data (TXT, XML, CSV) Globiq automatically creates PDF documents in your corporate style; or
  • You provide Globiq your own PDF documents. GLobiq recognizes the data from the PDF document.

For every e-document a structured datafile (CSV, XML, TXT) is automatically created. It is possible to create a client specific XML format. All created files will have the same file name (except for the extension).

It is possible to 'stamp' your e-documents automatically with your writing-paper. To blank PDF documents supplied by you, Globiq will add your writing paper. This enables you, for instance, to seperate writing paper for different relations and/or brands.

It is possible to sign your e-documents with a digital signature. Integrity and authenticity are secured and it will be possible to legally show at which moment a document was created.


Upon request, Globiq can give you the final approval on the sending of invoices. A message will be send to you stating the invoice ready to be send out. This message also contains the result of the validations carried out by Globiq. Clicking on the link in the message will approve and send out the invoices.


Your documents are published in an online webportal. Via the searchengine, documents can be easily retrieved.

The portal is the central environment for working with documents. From here you can send, download, comment on or move documents. Most ERP systems allow a direct link to your documents in the portal. With every transaction the related document can be easily referenced.

For subscribers to the Globiq platform, the usage of the document portal is free of charge. Depending on your needs, documents will be available a certain length of time. You will determine who has access to the documents. Of course it is possible to opt not to publish the documents.


For many documents a statutory retention time applies (link to tax). For instance, invoices in the Netherlands need to be archived for at least 7 years. The original business document needs to be archived. Electronic invoices need to be stored in a electronic archive, paper invoices need to be stored in a physical archive. If you use the digital archive of Globiq, you could ask for permission to destroy your physical documents.

Globiq meets the relevant tax requirements. For each invoice a complete audit trail is availabe: from your financial system to the invoice sent. Globiq archives the send details provided by you, the PDF invoice as well as the send out structured datafile. Of course you can also opt to manage this archive yourself on your own systems.


Globiq delivers your documents the way your trading partners request it: e.g. XML with PDF to the recipients.

Globiq sends emails with your credentials. You create a separate email adress, e.g. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This way you will receive respons to the e-documents sent by Globiq.

We are able to send out your documents via the most common channels: email, (S)FTP, EDI (X.400), AS2, HTTP(S). Sending to fax is also possible, surcharges however will apply.

Some business parters might still opt to receive their documents by mail. In this case the choice is yours: Globiq can print and send out your documents by mail or this will be done by you.

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