Every supplier can send out e-documents. This is possible without investments in expensive hardware or software. Our pragmatic approach enables you to start receiving your documents (invoices or sales orders) directly in your ERP system with minimal implementation time.

Receiving all your business documents electronically, that is our goal.


Most ERP systems offer nowadays the possibility to create PDF documents directly from the financial system. Some are even able to automatically send out these documents per email. An estimated 80 to 90 percent of all suppliers has this possibility. You will request your suppliers to start sending their documents to the your Globiq email account.

Suppliers who are not able to create and send a PDF by email will have the following alternatives:

  • use our outgoing solution, (link)
  • print the document, scan it and send it by email (manually)

Any paper documents still reaching you, can be scanned by you or Globiq. You open a mailbox and let Globiq digitize and process your incoming paper documents.

Some vendors have the ability to send other e-documents. Globiq is also able to receive and process those. Aside from email, Globiq is able to receive documents via the following channels:(S)FTP, AS2, HTTPS, EDI (X.400).

Character recognition

Globiq uses ABBYY FlexiCapture OCR software. This software allows the relevant information from PDF documents to be retrieved. Aditional to this Globiq uses proprietary software in an easy and fast way to create templates. In a template, the location of the relevant data is stored. With our solution is the detection rate of automatically generated PDF documents virtually 100%.

Creating templates is easy: you can do it yourself, you can ask your suppliers to do it, or we can do it for you.


To achieve error-free processing, Globiq validates the recognized data. A good example is the control of an invoice amount (+ =).

For invoices Globiq checks always the invoice amount, invoice date, vendor number, debit / credit. In addition, custom controls can be added. For instance, the check on (open) PO numbers.

Each document type requires its own controls. Within the platform of Globiq these business rules can be easily created and managed. This ensures you that the incoming documents have been properly recognized.


Documents caught by one of the validation rules, need to be manually validated. This validation takes place within the Globiq platform. Who will validate is up to you. You can validate yourself, or shift this responsibility to your supplier or Globiq.

If you or your supplier need to take action, an email will be send out from Globiq. You can set the conditions for receiving those emails. The email gives you direct access to the document to be validated. When you save your changes the document will be rechecked.


Your documents are published in an online document portal. In this portal you can easily search and retrieve your documents.

The portal is the central environment for working with documents. From here you can send, download, comment on or move documents. Most ERP systems allow a direct link to your documents in the portal. With every transaction the related document can be easily referenced.

For subscribers to the Globiq platform, the usage of the document portal is free of charge. Depending on your needs, documents will be available a certain length of time. You will determine who has access to the documents. Of course it is possible to opt not to publish the documents.


For many documents a statutory retention time applies (link to tax). For instance, invoices in the Netherlands need to be archived for at least 7 years. The original business document needs to be archived. Electronic invoices need to be stored in a electronic archive, paper invoices need to be stored in a physical archive. If you use the digital archive of Globiq, you could ask for permission to destroy your physical documents.


Globiq delivers the recognized information on one of your systems. This may be for example, a file system, but could also be your financial system. Globiq delivers the most common standard formats (PDF, XML, CSV). Customization on the document type and / or data is possible. If required Globiq can provide a direct link to your financial package. Periodically you will receive a list of delivered messages.

end faq

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